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I bring over 15 years of experience and post-graduate training to a practice whose focus and priority is the health of your whole being.

I incorporate physical modalities such as myofascial release, cranial-sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage and visceral manipulation as well as more subtle energetics and dialoguing techniques to relieve immediate symptomatic concerns and also address root causes and patterns that contribute to dis-ease.

My unique combination and application of techniques facilitates restoration of the body’s natural healing abilities. To heal, the body must recognize itself but sometimes, as a result of physical and emotional trauma, areas of our body start marching to the beat of a different drum.

My role is like that of a conductor: bringing symphony and integration to the subtle rhythms and relationships within the human body, mind and spirit.

Have you been in an accident, experienced a sports injury, or undergone surgery and, months later, felt that something is not quite right?
bullet2 Are you trapped inside of indecision, needing to connect to your inner guidance? Do you feel stuck at a place in your life?
Bullet3 Is chronic pain reducing your quality of life? Have you been told by your doctor that it is something you’ll just have to live with?
Bullet3 Are you wanting to enhance your sense of overall wellness and prepare your body for the increased demands of pregnancy, sports training, or aging?
Bullet3 Does your infant suffer from colic, reflux, or other digestive disturbances?


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